The Operative Lodge Of Dumfries 140



The-Operative-Lodge-Of-Dumfries was constituted on the 5th of February 1776 under charter from The Grand Lodge of Scotland.

From records held by the Grand Lodge of Scotland, The Operative Lodge of Dumfries operated under the following previous numbers, from 1809 No184, from 1822 No 138 and finally from 1826 No 140 to the present day.

Previous Regalia Colours have included from1848 Dark Blue and Light Blue Edge, 1874 Blue, 1881 Black, Blue and Red, 1896 White, Blue and Red, 1923 Blue and Red which is still our current regallia colours.

The Operative Lodge is unique in that the membership of our Lodge remains restricted to those who's calling is connected with the building trades, via Masons, Joiner (including woodworkers such as cabinetmakers etc), Plumber, Slater, Plasterer, Lather, Glazier, Heating Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Electrician, Painter, Tile layer, Stone Planner, Quarrymen, Bricklayer and Architect etc. Applicants who have served the recognised period of apprenticeship to any of the above trades shall also be eligible for membership into the Lodge. In accordance with the above, Lewis Masons cannot be considered for admission into the Lodge. 

The above criteria is of course in addition to that set out by the Grand Lodge of Scotland. 

A full and concise History of The Operative Lodge of Dumfries No140 is availiable from the Lodge sectretary at any of our regular meetings. It is also possible to purchase a copy of this book via the contact us page for a cost of £10.00 plus Postage. I can certainly recommend this as a worthwhile read for any Brother looking to broaden their knowledge of this very unique Lodge and that of Freemasonry in general.